Wedding Flowers Wedding Flowers 203166375 Vintage wedding bouquet. 173867068 A dramatic vintage top table arrangement suitable for a 1920's style wedding. 104475627 Wrist corsage of orchids 119157603 Vintage hand-tied bouquet made of 'Sahara rose, guelder rose, freesias, and mixed herbs and hebe. 94336167 203166374 An entrance arrangement in the church porch at Goldsbrough. 172420688 Flowers and bow at the church in Goldsbrough. 172420689 Vintage bouquet (photograph by Nikki Bowling) 173867074 Vintage birdcage arrangement Vintage table arrangement of mixed jars, birdcage, candles and books. 157347656 104475626 Vintage swan vases at Allerton Castle 172420693 Hand-tie of 'Avalanche' roses with small protea, bouvardia and hypericum berries. 104867432 Rose buttonhole with hops (photograph by Nikki Bowling) 173867069 Autumnal bouquet (photographed by Nikki Bowling) 173867070 Pedestal arrangement 147545766 172420687 203166365 Rose buttonhole with peacock feather 192002991 Small posy of freesias 147446081 'Memory Lane' roses and wax flowers 147458607 A large corsage of rannuculas and wax flower, which could double up as a head piece. 119157604 147546145 Tall vase arrangements with lillies at Hazelwood Castle. 101654154 Vintage bike Vintage bike with basket full of summer flowers.. 157498256 Floral Church arch 147446123 A Woodland Wedding wild vase arrangement for a church windowsill 147446357 Wild vintage wedding bouquet 157498250 Table arrangements at York Maze 157347659 Vintage table arrangement of lantern, mixed jam jars and teacups. 157498253 Mixed collection of vintage finds and flowers. (rustic wooden table numbers and crockery to hire) 157498254 203166376 203166382 203166381 Heart arrangement of roses and hydrangea heads. 128175449 203166373 Chair backs of hydrangea flowers at Grey's Court 172363515 Arrangements for the entrance of Merchant Adventure's Hall, York 203166379 Teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl arrangement at Ripley Castle 147460910 101285204 Cocktail Vase 147460991 A hand-tie of 'Miss Piggy' roses and pink wax flowers with asparagus fern and pearls. 155097380 Rustic arrangement Storm lantern surrounded by flowers and foliage at St. William's college. 104867431 Pedestal arrangement 179424547 Vintage rose bouquets 172420691 203166363 A floral bag made from Lizzianthus and button chrysanthemums 77534376 Bouquet of Calla lillies, with orchids and jasmin, very suitable for a vintage 1920's or 30's style wedding.. 119155971 Striking bouquet for a pumpkin wedding (photograph by Nikki Bowling) 173867073 Sunflower bouquet with added knitted daffodils, thanks to the WI, making this bouquet very personal. 203166369 203166364 red rose favours at the Parsonage, Escrick. 119157595 192002985 203166367 203166368 203166372 203166371 203166370 197514344 Pumpkins and a twiggy arch for the Hospitium in the Museum Gardens, York 197514345 197514649 203166377 197514650 203166378 Treacle tin with blues and whites 203166383 203166384 197514651 199322875 A Lantern center piece 192002986 A bouquet of 'Rainbow roses' 172420684 203176628 A tropical hand-tie 101285214 This is an Hawaiian flower garland (Lei) worn for a wedding, by the bride, groom and guests. 119157596 203176624 203176625 203176626 203176627