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Funeral flowers York

Funeral Flowers York. We also supply  heartfelt sympathy flowers in York, funeral wreaths and sprays. They are always hand delivered by us, and we work closely with the Funeral Director to ensure that your floral tributes looks every bit as good as they do when they leave our workshop.  
Losing someone close can be a difficult time. With all there is to organised a funeral, finding the time to grieve can be hard. An important aspect of the funeral is finding the right funeral flowers and sympathy flowers  which reflect the character of your loved one, and which also lifts your spirits on the day.  We believe in ‘an imaginative farewell’ and will assist you all the way with picking the perfect funeral flowers to celebrate the life of a loved one. 
Thankfully, help is at hand. With years of experience behind us, we are able to pass on our expertise. Funeral flowers York can create floral tributes of your choice, to include favorite flowers and foliage. 
These will be delivered free by us to the Funeral Director in YORK or to the home address prior to the service. 

In response to an increasing awareness of the environment impact of funerals, we try to create ethical floral tributes made from seasonal British grown flowers as much as possible, they are fitting tributes for someone who loved their garden, walking and nature.  

There are of course over the winter months fewer British flowers available. We are committed to good environmental practice and only buy imported certified flowers which are sustainable and ethically sourced.

A special crafted Funeral Tribute gives a personal way to remember your loved one, whether it is a pastime or hobby, favorite food or drink, a beloved animal, a life long career or a treasured memory. We will talk through your ideas with you, to design and create a unique floral tribute especially for you.  

                                Here are a selection of the personal tributes we have created, click here to see more.
Types of Funeral Flower Arrangements

Kathrine can guide you with the flower choices and arrangement styles. It only takes one glance at the altar of a typical funeral to know that flower arrangements are not created equally. You might see everything from a small basket of flowers to large, dramatic florals in sweeping designs displayed on stands. We’ve outlined the different types of funeral flower arrangements you can choose from. 


Funeral wreaths can be breathtakingly beautiful. They can be designed with a variety of flowers, or just one or two types for dramatic effect. The circular shape of a funeral wreath, while hardly unique, is said to represent the circle of life, or eternal life in a religious setting. Wreaths make a great choice for funeral flower arrangements since they’re portable; they can easily be removed from the funeral home and brought to the gravesite to make both places more beautiful. 


A cross is designed similarly to a funeral wreath, only it’s in the shape of a cross instead of a wreath. It’s a popular choice if the person who died was particularly religious. 

Casket Spray

Those stunningly beautiful flowers that cascade across the top of a casket? That’s a casket spray, and no funeral seems complete without one. Because this arrangement lies so close to the person who has died, casket sprays are often made of a certain flower (or two) that was particularly meaningful for them. You’ll often hear something like, “Pink roses were Aunt Mary’s favorite” if you inquire about a casket spray. After the burial, it’s customary to leave the casket spray on the gravesite in remembrance. Or, you could offer close family members a single flower from it to have as a keepsake. 


One of the most versatile funeral flower arrangements, a basket is the perfect way to honor someone who has died. Typical basket arrangements are composed of flowers that represent death or are common at funerals, like lilies or gladiolus. They can range in size from very large to very small, and are quite portable, too. 

Types of Funeral Flowers

Wondering what types of buds to use on all those beautiful funeral flower arrangements? There’s more to it than you might think! While there aren’t many hard and fast rules (though there are some cultural guidelines to consider), there are certain flowers that are used more commonly than others at funerals. 


The lily is one of the most common flowers that represent death. As such, you’d be hard-pressed to attend a funeral without seeing a lily. “white lilies symbolize innocence, the rebirth of the soul, and purity.”

These florals are as inexpensive as they are pretty, which makes them the perfect choice for large floral displays that contain a variety of flowers. When it comes to carnations, white is symbolic of innocence, red is said to refer to love and admiration, and pink is the color of remembrance. 

These tall flowers are great for sprays, where flowers of differing heights come together to create a visually stunning arrangement of sympathy flowers. These pretty flowers that come in a bunch of bright shades are said to indicate strength of character, a wonderful compliment to the person who has died. 


One of the most popular flowers in the world, the rose certainly has a place among flowers that represent death. The deep red is symbolic of sorrow, and is often seen in funeral flower arrangements, along with white roses, which symbolize innocence. 

"Please contact me for more ideas which can be created with any flowers of your choice in contemporary designs. We understand that this process is not always easy, and assure you that we will give you the help, attention and patience that you deserve.     Kathrine 

 Hayley Owen, (Lady Funeral Director) in York offering a funeral service providing care and 24 hour attention in York and surrounding area in time of bereavement.

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" Kathrine, I just wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful funeral spray you did for my Aunties funeral today, it was absolutely stunning. many people at the funeral commented how beautiful it was. I was so pleased I found your company on line and if and when I need any floral arrangements in future I would not hesitate to contact you or recommend you to anyone else, again thanks so much"  Denise Tate


Floral wreaths for Teresa  June 2020

  " Kathrine the wreaths were beautiful. They looked fantastic. Thanks very much for such an excellent service at such a sensitive time. Wishing  you all the very best. Take care & thanks again."   

"Both Mum's scented basket and Dad's wreath were perfect. Thank you so much - it was bang on the brief! We did him proud today, between us, I think. Julie will tell you but lots of people commented on the owl too, so great job all round. We popped back to the churchyard after having our cake and coffee and the grave was already filled in and flowers placed on it"   Alison 18th June 2021

  If you would like a home visit to discuss the funeral flowers, please telephone  Kathrine 07814 046899