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About Us

Fleur Adamo 'to fall in love with flowers'.

We have a cut flower garden and also sources locally grown flowers in and around York. Using elements from the kitchen garden as well as the hedgerows to create textured and unique bouquets to reflect the seasons and your style. Always striving to ensure that flowers travel the shortest distance. 

We are happy to travel, and have supplied for weddings in the Lake District, Dumfries and Galloway, Northumberland as well as in and around York and Yorkshire.  

Kathrine picking garden flowers

"I have always liked being outside and working in the garden with my Dad. In fact, he inspired me to go into Horticulture from school.  (Kathrine trained at Askham Bryan College in York, before going onto a career in gardening and design).
When I was about 18 I worked in a local florist for a year too which is where I fell in love with flowers in a different way, but I didn’t start working with them again until much later. Instead I worked in Horticultural Therapy for a number of years where I saw plants and flowers influencing people in many ways, and I taught City and Guilds gardening at evening classes"   

 Todd and Moore photographers

A refurbished award winning 

 Vintage Citroen H Van gives Kathrine a head turning vehicle for her Bespoke Flower Business

(Henri' our trusted friend is not a fast long distance traveler, preferring to potter around Yorkshire)

Kathrine Armstrong Bisson
Vintage delivery van York
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